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Over The Monster Podcast: What do they do with the rotation?

The starting pitcher landscape and Rule Five roster crunches are reviewed in detail.

Tampa Bay Rays Vs. Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in ALDS Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Welcome back to the Over The Monster Podcast network. This week we combined all of our shows, as Matt, Jake, and Bob got together for a three-man booth.

We opened the show talking about the Eduardo Rodriguez signing in Detroit for five years, $77 million. Was this a good deal for Rodriguez? Should the Red Sox have made more of an effort to keep him long-term? Now that he is gone and the Red Sox have received an extra second-round pick, we discuss how they may attack the starting pitcher market. Early signings Andrew Heaney and Noah Syndergaard are also discussed.

Max Scherzer may be a lofty goal, but would a ground ball pitcher like Marcus Stroman be the right fit at Fenway? Matt can’t get Carlos Rodon off the brain for a one-year deal, although some injury concerns linger. Justin Verlander, Steven Matz, Alex Wood are brought up, and we also play a round of pick your favorite Oakland A’s pitching trade target.

The Rule 5 protection deadline is later this week and the group went through who they would each protect individually. Jeter Downs, Josh Winckowski, Brayan Bello, Gilberto Jimenez, Durbin Feltman, Kaleb Ort, Kutter Crawford, Kole Cottam, and Thad Ward are the nine names in question. Whose current 40-man roster spots could be cleared out to make room for any or all of these players? And will there be too many pitchers on the 40-man roster after these pitchers are added?

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