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American League Division Series Preview Podcast

A preview of the best of five series starting tonight.

Wild Card Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode on your Over the Monster Podcast Network. We have another three-person show here for this one, with Matt, Keaton and Bob getting together to preview the ALDS starting tonight down in Tampa Bay.

After giving Bob a chance to share some thoughts on the team’s big win at Fenway on Tuesday, we move our attention on to the next task at hand, which is the upcoming series. We start off the conversation with the rotation, with the Red Sox having just announced their intentions to start Eduardo Rodriguez in Game One. We looked at that decision versus some of the other options. From there, the attention moves on to the bullpen hierarchy, and which relievers will even make the roster. We also talk about the J.D. Martinez decision and how the roster could be affected if he is and is not there.

We also spend some time looking at the Rays side of thing, and the kinds of pitchers we could be seeing from them. We talk about their typically deep and diverse bullpen, as well as their lineup and some of the big bats. We also wonder about the manager matchup, featuring two of the best in the game. Finally, things end with some predictions as well as key players and storylines to watch for this series.

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