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New Shirts: The Boston Relay and Schwarbah

Celebrating a big night at Fenway.

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Wild Card Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

It was a hell of a night at Fenway on Tuesday, with an electric atmosphere helping the Red Sox to beat the Yankees 6-2 and advance on to the ALDS to take on the Tampa Bay Rays. There were a whole lot of key moments in that game, as well as key performers, but perhaps two of the biggest turning points in the game were a Kyle Schwarber homer to extend the lead to three, and a perfectly executed relay to get Aaron Judge at the plate in what was, at the time, a two-run game.

Our friends at Breaking T were hard at work to commemerate these two moments, and they made a couple of shirts to do just that. The two new designs are a “Schwarbah” one and then a diagram of the huge relay throw. You can check out both of those, as well as the other Red Sox shirts BreakingT has to offer, by following this link.

Like most every other design BreakingT comes out with, these are available in unisex tees, women’s v-necks, children sizes, as well as hoodies. You also get to help out your pals here at OTM with a purchase, and who could possibly be against that?

So get yours now.