Credit Where Credit Is Due

I heard something that left me just flabbergasted on the redio this morning. One of the local shows was doing a top five things out of the game last night, and one of them was giving kudos to ownership and management considering how badly they've been blasted over the course of the year and offseason. Then the host said, "Well that's really just Schwarber. This is pretty much Dombrowski's team."

He was refuted a bit by the rest of the group, but the fact that one of the Sports Radio hosts (yes I know...they say dumb stuff a lot) would not be able to see how much work has been put into this roster by Bloom, and how much residual greatness is still here from the Cherington era. Unless you count the Cherington players that weren't traded away as something Dombrowski did, he's only responsible for eight of the players on the 40 Man roster. He drafted Houck, Dalbec and Duran, signed Brasier and Martinez, and traded for Sale, Eovaldi, and Taylor as a PTBNL.

Bloom hasn't gotten nearly the kudos he deserves for his fringe moves, and Cherington still doesn't get the credit he deserves for setting this team up for the future. This might be because of the big splashes. Dobrowski made some, and they worked out. Cherington's didn't, and Bloom's biggest deal has been Schwarber so far. Either way, it blows my mind how much credit Dombrowski gets.