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American League Wildcard Game Recap Show

It was a good game to talk about!

Wild Card Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome back for another episode on your Over the Monster Podcast feed. We went with a little bit of a three-man weave of Matt, Keaton, and Bryan for this one to talk about the big-time win on Tuesday.

We started off talking more generally about the atmosphere on Tuesday and the electricity that was so clearly coming out of Fenway Park. The conversation moved from there to the effects of the first inning on that crowd, and how that seemed to propel Nathan Eovaldi just that much further for another dominant start. We also talk about some of the pitching decisions from Alex Cora, including pulling Eovaldi from that game, and how we were feeling about some of those at the time.

There’s also plenty of talk about the position players, including their perfect relay to cut down Aaron Judge at the plate and how big of a turning point that was in this game. The offense also provided plenty of support, with Xander Bogaerts and Alex Verdugo standing out in particular. We then finish things up with a very brief preview of the ALDS against the Rays.

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