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Get your predictions in

Playoff predictions with no prize!

Boston Red Sox v Washington Nationals Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

This season has simultaneously felt as though it has been going on for eternity, and also like it just started yesterday. But at whatever the pace, we are in the postseason, and amazingly the Red Sox are in it. But of course, they are not the only team, with nine other clubs making it into the tournament with a chance to make it in. So it seems like a perfect time to make some predictions and see who can get the closest. The winner gets, well, a shoutout.

Here’s the full bracket.

American League Wildcard Game

Yankees @ Red Sox

National League Wildcard Game

Cardinals @ Dodgers

American League Division Series

AL WC Game winner @ Rays

White Sox @ Astros

National League Division Series

NL WC Game winner @ Giants

Braves @ Brewers

And my predictions below, without explanation.

AL WCG: Red Sox

NL WCG: Dodgers

ALDS: Rays over Red Sox; Astros over White Sox

NLDS: Dodgers over Giants; Braves over Brewers

ALCS: Astros over Rays; Dodgers over Braves

WS: Dodgers over Astros

What do you got?