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New shirt: Forever and Devers

Celebrating the man that sent the Red Sox to the Wildcard Game.

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Well, Sunday turned out to be a pretty fun day, or at least the end of it was. While the Red Sox spent much of the day trailing, they were hoisted up on the shoulders of Rafael Devers in a must-win game, with the team’s star third baseman hitting a pair of homers, including the game-winner, as well as a big hit earlier in the game to bring back some momentum. Baseball doesn’t do stars of the game a la the NHL, but if they did Devers would easily be number one.

And really, he’s been the bedrock of the offense pretty much all season and has been the team’s MVP. While baseball is a team game, oftentimes a star can put the team on his back for stretches, or least play a huge role like David Ortiz back in 2013. If the Red Sox are going to get that kind of performance from anyone, it’ll be Devers.

So with that in mind, and the biggest stage having arrived, we turn to our friends over at BreakingT with their new Rafael Devers shirt. Forever and Devers. Buy yours here.

These new designs come in unisex t-shirts as well as youth sizes, hoodies, and women’s v-necks. And like all of the other shirts from BreakingT, these are super comfortable and affordable. Plus, by buying one you also help out your pals at OTM. What more could you ask for?

Buy yours now.