Playoff Roster time

This is what I would like to see as the roster for the Play in I don't think they need 14 pitchers for a one game series, so I would go heavier on the position players. In fact, I think 11 will do..

If a pitcher is unlikely see action, then don't put him on the WC game roster. That means hold out starters like Sale, Pivetta and ERod. That they all pitched today just adds more to that. Besides you have three multi inning relievers and they won't run out of p[itchers with 11.

Pitchers: Eovaldi, Houck, Whitlock, Richards, Brasier, Barnes, Ottavino, Robles. Davis, Taylor, Sawamura. If Taylor can't go, then bring in Hernandez. With any luck, you get 6 out of Eovaldi and then use Brasier, Houck and Whitlock in some combination. If Eovaldi goes five, you adjust it a little and someone goes more than one or bring Davis and/or Robles into the mix.

One game you want flexibility and possible pinch runners.

Position Players: Dalbec, Arroyo, Bogaerts, Devers, Shaw, Hernandez, Verdugo, Martinez, Schwarber, Renfroe, Vazquez, Plawecki, Arauz, Santana, Wong.

If JD can't go, maybe you bring in Duran. As far as the lineup. If no JD, then it's easy. Verdugo in left, Dalbec at first, Schwarber at DH. If they want Kike at 2nd instead of Arroyo, then Plawecki at DH, Schwarber, Verdugo, Renfroe left to right. If JD does play, then bring Verdugo into the game in the 7th.