2021 Lasting Memory

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the memories are on field stuff: 1978 for Jim Rice destroying baseballs with impunity (my first real and lasting Red Sox memory); 1986 for Dave Henderson's HR and (of course) Buckner; 1999 for Pedro and the All Star Game; and Big Papi hitting .688 in the 2013 WS. However, sometimes it is more about identity: the mid-80's 25 cabs for 25 players, the early 2000's and Trot Nixon and the Dirt Dogs, 2004 Idiots, 2013 post bombing F-Bomb/#GetBeard/(and Victorino's walk up music); and the post-win outfield dance we saw so many times in 2018 (that team was just cool!).

For 2021, there are so many places that could be lasting memories: Fast start (after losing 3 to Baltimore), exceeding expectations, COVID, swooning, scraping into the playoffs and making it within 2 wins of the WS. All worthy. But for me, it will be the Home Run Hamper!

Red Sox ride home run laundry cart to ALCS against Astros

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