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New Shirt: Celebrating Grand Slams

A Boston Slam Party, if you will.

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The Red Sox offense is, scientifically speaking, on one right now. They are taking advantage of a Houston pitching staff that had depth issues even before losing their best pitcher, and are feeling the absence of Lance McCullers Jr. to a significant degree. They’ve been able to score runs in all sorts of ways this series, but none has been more prominent than the grand slam. Boston has tied their regular season total for slams in a two-game span, and they have already tied the postseason record.

To celebrate the moment, our friends at BreakingT had to come up with a new design for the Boston Slam Party. They’re singling out the ones who came through with the big swing, with J.D, and Raffy and Schwarber. You can check that out, along with all of their other Red Sox designs, here.

They also have a new Kyle from Waltham shirt as well.

As is this case for all of these shirts, they are super comfortable and affordable, and come in a variety of styles. For this one, you can find it in adult sizes in a unisex fit, as well as youth sizes for tee shirts. There are also adult sized hoodies available to boot. And in the process, you can help out your friends at OTM, and who could possibly say no to that?

So grab yours here, along with any other Red Sox designs from BreakingT.