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MLB Roundup 10/19: Mets struggling to fill front office

And a quiet day in Arizona.

Mass Vaccination Site Opens At Citi Field In New York City Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

Mets front office search unclear

The Mets are often seen as something like the laughing stock of the league, and their front office decisions the last couple of years have led to a rollercoaster atop their executive hierarchy. They entered this offseason looking for a new head of baseball operations, and they had big names in sight. The rumored top targets were guys like Theo Epstein, Billy Beane, and David Stearns. Instead, it seems like they are not going to get any of those guys.

It’s easy to see both sides of taking the Mets job, especially for guys like the three above, two of whom are already employed (Beane by Oakland, Stearns by Milwaukee) and all three able to get any job they want. The New York culture has long been dysfunctional, and the ownership change doesn’t yet seem like it’s changed that. On the other hand, it’s a New York team with some real talent on the roster and an owner who at least seems like he wants to spend some money to bulk up the roster.

With the big names off the board, I’m thinking the Mets should probably pivot and look for some newer names who haven’t gotten chances at a top job yet. And to that end, I’m surprised we’ve never heard more about Brian O’Halloran getting more opportunities. He may be comfortable in Boston and not looking for a change, in which case more power to him, but if not he really deserves a chance.

O’Halloran, Boston’s number two, has been in the Red Sox organization for two decades now and has performed a key role under very different management groups, from Epstein, to Ben Cherington, to Dave Dombrowski, and now alongside Chaim Bloom. Selfishly, I’d like his name to continue flying under the radar. But for his sake, he should be getting more attention.

A tough day for Red Sox prospects in Arizona

Red Sox prospects playing for Scottsdale mostly had the day off on Monday, with Triston Casas and Brendan Cellucci making the only appearances for the teams. The former went 0-4, walking once and striking out twice. The latter, a left-handed reliever who a lot of scouts like but has yet to really put it together as a pro, allowed two runs over 23 of an inning, allowing a double and a walk with two strikeouts.