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Red Sox open as underdogs to Astros in ALCS

Not a big surprise.

American League Championship Series Boston Red Sox Workout Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

You’ll see teams across sports often try to play themselves up as underdogs to give them a chip on their shoulders. The Bill Belichick Patriots have been known, for example, to play the “no one believed in us card” despite people often believing in them to a large degree. But the Red Sox can play that card in an entirely sincere manner. Almost nobody did believe in them coming into the season. I know I didn’t. And a lot of people certainly lost faith over the second half. They entered each of their first two playoff rounds as underdogs, but were able to take care of business against both the Rays and the Yankees.

I bring this up because, as expected, they are once again underdogs heading into the ALCS according to DraftKings Sportsbook. Given that Houston won more games and has the better offense in a matchup of two teams built around their respective lineups, it’s hard to argue with that feeling. And in fact, the oddsmakers see it more likely that Houston wins in five, six, or seven than Boston winning in any of those amounts of games. The only outcome they see as less likely as any Boston win would be Houston sweeping.

So go ahead, Red Sox. Play the “no one believes in us card.” It’s actually mostly genuine, and they’ve already proved me, oddsmakers, and a whole lot of others wrong too.