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ALDS Game Four Reaction Show: Going to the ALCS

In this episode of the show Jake and Keaton recap the Red Sox vs Rays ALDS

Tampa Bay Rays Vs. Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in ALDS Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

If you told me that the Red Sox would be going to the ALCS after they got swept by the Yankees at home in September, I wouldn’t have believed you. That same team dropped two of three from a terrible Baltimore team with their season on the line. That same team needed two Rafael Devers home runs on the last day of the season to secure their postseason hopes.

This 2021 version of the Red Sox has been both a pleasant surprise, playing .604 baseball in the first half, and a source of frustration, their .500 record from the beginning of the second half through the month of September. This team always looked as capable as any other team in the American League of coming out of their division as champs. They have an elite offense and they have good enough pitching. I think this is what made them so frustrating.

Their first half was so good that I looked past their preseason flaws and questions— I bought in. It was then easy to become frustrated during their prolonged swoon because as Kiké said last night he knew this roster was good enough all the way back in spring training.

After watching the vast majority of Red Sox games this year I’m sure of a few things. The first thing is that I will never understand how exactly this team works and when they will get hot or cold. Are they down are they out? Your guess is as good as mine, don’t even try to figure it out. Secondly, opponents take this team lightly at your own risk. They do have an elite offense. They have pitchers who can step up and frankly be unhittable at times. This team’s roster is built for the playoffs.

It surprised me that the Red Sox are the last team standing from a historically strong AL East division, but now I’ve learned my lesson. No more surprises, this team is capable of anything.