I'm positive that I'm at the stadium tonight

Look, I get it...the promise of May and June seems to be falling apart, and we're now in a "Gotta win out to guarantee a one game playoff to get into the one game playoff" scenario...and that feels like ashes in the mouth.

But, I eagerly invite everyone to recall predictions in March and early April. 81-81 was a stretch goal. The starting rotation was...umm...was there one? There was no pen. We had no star in the lineup. Sales was months away from even starting rehab starts, and when the local team here in Washington sent out a "Hey, we're selling tickets for games in October against the Red Sox", I bought two tickets for 10/1 just to be able to see the team. I knew the game was going to be meaningless, both teams would be long eliminated from the race. I was just hoping for an early fall evening to watch some ball in person with guys wearing the right colored laundry.

Instead, I have a game where the team I root for is very much in the thick of the race. Longshot to win it all? Certainly. But this game has meaning for the team wearing the road greys. Rodriguez is slated to be on the mound, and the team is gonna try.

That, in and of itself, is positive enough for me. Are we guaranteed to sip champagne? No, not at all, but on the other hand, October baseball has some meaning, and that's enough.