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FanPost Friday: What’s in success?

Or, specifically, what’s in success for the Red Sox in 2021?

Alex Cora Boston Red Sox Manager Press Conference Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

It is our first Friday of publishing here in the new year — we took New Year’s Day itself off — which means it is our first FanPost Friday of 2021. And with that, we figured it was a good time to ask you all to consider the upcoming year as a whole. After the disaster that was the 2020 season, this 2021 year ahead of us figures to be an important transitional one for the franchise in which they can move in any number of directions, all of which would then set them on different paths on the more long-term future.

And with so many different options ahead of them even just over the next six weeks or so before spring training starts, there are a lot of different opinions on what the Red Sox could look like by the time the dust settles on the 2021 season. And so that’s what we’re curious about right now, before we even know what the roster is going to look like. This week’s FanPost Friday question is:

What does a successful 2021 for the Red Sox look like in your eyes?

This could mean a number of different things. For some it might just be a raw win total. For others it might be performance markers for one or multiple players. Some may consider success to be certain transactional moves by the front office, or even moves not made by the front office. Whatever the definition is, we want to hear it from you in our FanPost section. And with it being a new year, it’s probably a good idea to break out the ol’ how-to post from a few years ago.

We’ll see you all in the FanPosts!