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Daily Red Sox Links: Tomoyuki Sagano, Chaim Bloom, Jackie Bradley Jr.

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We are still waiting for the first big move of the Red Sox offseason, but they have been connected to former NPB star Tomoyuki Sagano. The future major leaguer has just a few days to decide with whom he will be signing. (Logan Mullen;

The Red Sox are, of course, not the only team who has not yet made a big splash. Can we have someone turn on the Hot Stove, please? (Peter Abraham, Boston Globe)

Chaim Bloom is still hoping for a Jackie Bradley Jr. reunion in Fenway, which makes sense given the hole in center field. We are, too, hoping for a reunion. (Dave Green; NBC Sports Boston)

Jayson Stark, as he does after every year, recalls some interesting facts about the 2020 season. This year was obviously a bit wilder than some others. (Jayson Stark; The Athletic)

Even with the craziness of 2020, however, sports were fairly predictable. (Neil Paine;