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FanPost Friday: Now what?

What comes next for the Red Sox?

New York Mets Vs. Boston Red Sox At Fenway Park Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Red Sox have finally gotten to work this winter with a big few weeks in mid-January. They brought back Martín Pérez for the rotation, then signed Enrique Hernández, most likely for second base though perhaps with some outfield in mind, and then signed Garrett Richards to fill another spot in the rotation before adding Adam Ottavino in the bullpen in a very rare trade with the Yankees. Just like that, they’ve likely filled their rotation, filled a key hole at second base, and added a potential late-inning arm in Ottavino (though your mileage may vary on how effective he will be in that role).

That’s all well and good, and likely represents the bulk of the work for this winter, but probably not all of it. We still have a few more weeks until pitchers and catchers report and a couple months until the regular season gets underway. So there is likely more coming in some way, shape or form. So that’s what we’re asking for this week’s FanPost Friday prompt.

What should the Red Sox prioritize before the start of the season?

It’s pretty straight-forward, I think. What positions do you want to see them push for? Which specific players? Should they use the luxury tax threshold as a hard cap? Is there a case for going over for specific players? There’s a lot of ways to go, and we want to know which one you’d prefer.