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FanPost Friday: Unheralded prospects

We are in prospect voting season!

San Francisco Giants v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Over the Monster’s prospect voting period is a great time on the site. Other than game threads and recaps, typically you can expect the most community interaction in the voting threads. As I type this, 43 votes have been cast in the thread for the first voting. While I’m not going to sit there and look at every single vote (that honor belongs to a Matt Collins), I would like to assume everyone only voted once. When 43 unique opinions get tossed around, you get something beautiful, a groupthink prospect list that oozes character and personality.

But lost in these prospect votes are the individuals, too often. While I like to read the comments and see why someone votes a certain way for a prospect who didn’t win the vote, not everyone does this. Sometimes it can lead to log jams, where a person is voting for the same prospect five or six or seven times in a row before they finally get a chance to move to the next guy on their list. As a result, they miss getting to discuss the players voted for, who they may have liked as well, just not as much.

This week, we’re going to ask you to say what’s on your mind and share some more about prospects you might not otherwise get a chance to talk about:

Which prospects down on the farm are you most enthused about outside of the top prospects in the system? Why?

While we will leave the term top prospect open to interpretation, use some common sense and don’t tell us more about why you like Jeter Downs or Noah Song. We know you like these guys. They are exciting prospects and we love them too. But we want to hear more about guys outside of that bubble who may get forgotten by other members of the site!