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The Red Seat Podcast: Will there be more?

We discuss the Pérez signing, the Chatham trade, and some prospect stuff.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of The Red Seat Podcast. For this week’s episode, it is myself, Matt, in the host’s chair alongside Shelly as we discuss the last week in Red Sox baseball. We start, as you would expect, with the Martín Pérez signing. We talk about whether or not it is a move that makes sense, how underwhelmed we both are by the signing, and what we think is next. We look at some of the names still out there in free agency and wonder if the Red Sox have perhaps waited too long to make their move to really fortify the rotation.

From there, we move on to the transaction that made room for Pérez: Trading CJ Chatham to Philadelphia for a player to be named later. Shelly and I talk about whether or not the Red Sox will miss Chatham, and really whether or not he would have ever gotten a chance to prove himself in this organization. From there, we make the natural transition to talking about Dustin Pedroia’s future and the idea that he should feel any obligation to do anything but make sure he gets the money he is owed.

Finally, we spend a little time talking about the farm system with our top prospect voting kicking off today and Baseball America releasing their top 100 list on Monday. We talk about the three players on that list as well as some sleepers in the system we like. We then finish things off with some listener questions.

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