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FanPost Friday: What’ll be shocking?

2020 wasn’t great for moves. 2021 may be good for moves.

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
You can choose Andrew Benintendi being traded, but it’s not much of a shock to me.
Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

It’s no secret. 2020 was a terrible year for Red Sox fans. Not only was the team bad, but there weren’t even many moves to get excited about, which can help soften the blow a little bit when your team isn’t competitive.

To highlight things, the most memorable moves all involved giving up a major leaguer for prospects. The only quality major leaguer added in 2020 was Alex Verdugo. Well, only current major leaguer anyway. The hope is that Jeter Downs, Connor Seabold, and Nick Yorke, among others, will all become quality major leaguers down the line.

2021 is hopefully a better year on both fronts. Hopefully the Red Sox will perform better than a bottom five team. Hopefully the Red Sox make a few moves to force the issue. Or if they don’t, hopefully they learn from their mistakes in the early stages of the 2021/22 off-season.

This week’s prompt is to tell me:

What is the most shocking move you believe the Red Sox will make over the next calendar year?

We aren’t just limiting things to the current offseason. Anything in 2021 goes. Think the Red Sox are going to take a major reach in the draft? It’s fair game. Think we’re going to make a big deadline move for a specific player? Also fair game. Think the Red Sox fail miserably in 2021, and realize the error of their ways, and spend big money on an exciting new player in the first months of the next offseason? Sure, why not?

The only rule is that the player you highlight cannot be on the Red Sox as of the moment you read this post. With any luck, maybe some of these will actually happen!