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The Red Seat Podcast: What does an Andrew Benintendi trade look like?

And a look at the farm.

New York Mets v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Welcome back for another edition of The Red Seat Podcast. For this week’s episode, it is Keaton in the host chair and myself, Matt, along for the ride. The topic for this week was fairly obvious, as really the only thing going on with the Red Sox has been the Andrew Benintendi trade rumors that popped up over the weekend. As one would expect, we kicked things off just talking broadly about these rumors and what they could mean in a more abstract sense.

After that, we honed in a little bit more and looked at a few potential trade partners as well as possible returns the Red Sox could get. If you’ve been reading me for a while, you may know I despise coming up with fake trade packages. I hate it even more in this case because the range of possibilities for how teams value Benintendi in trades varies wildly. Still, Keaton and I each came up with five possibilities, and without planning it we actually each landed on five distinct teams.

With the Benintendi talk behind us, we also took a look at the new top Red Sox prospect rankings from Eric Longenhagen over at FanGraphs. It wasn’t an in-depth look so certainly check out the list yourself, but we covered some things we were surprised by and a few places where we disagreed with the rankings.

From there, we answered a few listener questions including what to expect for the schedule in 2021, some free agent targets and the approach to the pitching staff.

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and if you did please rate, review and subscribe to the Over the Monster Podcast Network wherever you listen to podcasts. Until next time!