Benintendi Trade

If you're looking at a fanpost on this site, then you know that reports have been floated suggesting the Sox have had "serious trade discussions" about Benintendi. This could wind up making a lot of sense. At this point, they essentially have two outfielders, Verdugo and the Benintendi/Renfroe platoon. Now, if they add a high end CF to this crew, or a high end and defensively above average RF, I'm pretty happy with the Outfield.

I think we can all agree that they need serious help in other places first, though. Moving Benintendi wouldn't be the worst idea. Verdugo is clearly the top guy in the outfield now, and should be playing every day. The problem with the top free agent bats is that they aren't guys you want to put in CF or RF, and neither is Benny. What I would do, is make a run at Ozuna to put him in LF, and try to sign Joc Pederson as the platoon partner for Renfroe in RF. I'll admit to not having seen them field all that much, but from what I understand, the two of them would be able to handle RF...then again, I still don't understand why Benintendi can't given his tools.

Beyond this is what you'd be able to bring back for Benny. It all depends on what Benny they're looking at, 2020, or before, even including a down 2019. I've been looking, and there are a ton of other teams' sites out there that immediately brought up articles with him as a "should we do it" target. The ones I just happened to pull up were the Cubs, Tigers, Reds, Mariners and Phillies (this one included Adonis, so I was very interested). I think it would be interesting to see what could come back in a trade like this, and to up the return, I would be willing to include Chavis (as much as I hate moving either of them as people, it works for baseball) and Chatham. I think Chavis is going to get buried, and could be a great change of scenery candidate, and it really doesn't look like Chatham is going to wind up getting a shot in Boston.

What are some realistic packages you all think Bloom could get back, and where would you then go in the outfield?