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Daily Red Sox Links: Tanner Houck, Eduardo Rodriguez, Ted Williams

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Tanner Houck is carving out a starting rotation spot on the 2021 Opening Day roster. This was written before his very impressive outing in Atlanta last night, and obviously after that performance the case is even stronger. (Jen McCaffrey; The Athletic)

Eduardo Rodriguez has been cleared to start walking. This is obviously good news for him that things are progressing in the right direction and above all else we hope that continues, but it also serves as a reminder that COVID is no joke. (Scott Gleeson; USA Today)

J.D. Martinez shared his thoughts on working through struggles during this crazy season, one that obviously saw him perform as poorly as he has in years. (Christopher Smith; Mass Live)

Peter Abraham ponders what moves the Sox should make in what should be a very busy offseason. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)

Steve Buckley gets some first-hand memories from Ted Williams’s last at-bat. (Steve Buckley; The Athletic)