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The Over the Monster Podcast: Buy or Sell

In today’s episode we make some predictions about what happens heading into next season.

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of the Over the Monster Podcast. As always, it is myself with Jake Devereaux, and this week we play a little buy or sell on moves to come. Before we get into that portion of the show, however, we talk a little bit about the acquisition of Jacob Wallace and the idea of turning him into a starter. Then we get into the draft situation as well as the instructional league coming for prospects next month.

After that, we start off the aforementioned buy or sell segment in which we focus on what will change for the team before the season. Among the prompts were whether or not their new manager would be someone who has managed in the majors before, J.D. Martinez would have a wRC+ above 115 in 2021, and Michael Chavis would be brought back. There were a lot of interesting discussions, and I forced myself to take the other side of Jake’s thoughts every time because we must Embrace Debate.

That was followed by a few listener questions, including one that inexplicably made Jake express a trash opinion. We finished it off wondering why we as a society don’t eat pudding more often before signing off.

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and if you did that you tell your friends, rate, subscribe, and do all that other stuff. You know the spiel. Until next time!