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Red Sox vs. Braves lineup: Leyer Leyer

That’s not how it’s pronounced. But you get it.

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins
Just Don’tthinkabouthowbadthingsare Martinez’s, folks
David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox take on the Braves tonight at 7:30 PM ET, albeit not behind a pitcher who hasn’t appeared in the majors in six years, as was originally believed, but instead behind a pitcher with one career inning in the majors to his name.

Who is Robinson Leyer? Well he’s not Mike Kickham, who was scheduled to start but now will likely work in relief. He’s a reliever who will probably work an inning or two. “Leyer and Kickham,” while inevitably disappointing, also just rolls off the tongue.

In good news, J.D. Martinez is back. In bad news, so is José Peraza. Sorry not sorry. He’s just not good. And I’ve been told by the Vox overlords that posts under 150 words don’t work anymore, so I added this sentence. And this one, because apparently, insultingly, horrifically, botanically, the previous sentence didn’t even get me there. This one does, tho. Here are the full ‘‘nups:

Game 37 vs. Braves

Lineup spot Braves Red Sox
Lineup spot Braves Red Sox
1 Dansby Swanson, SS Alex Verdugo, RF
2 Freddie Freeman, 1B Rafael Devers, 3B
3 Marcell Ozuna, DH Xander Bogaerts, SS
4 Nick Markakis, LF JD Martinez, LF
5 Travis d'Arnaud, C Kevin Plawecki, C
6 Austin Riley, 3B Michael Chavis, DH
7 Adam Duvall, RF Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
8 Johan Camargo, 2B Bobby Dalbec, 1B
9 Ender Inciarte, CF José Peraza, 2B
SP Robbie Erlin, LHP Robinson Leyer, RHP