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The Over The Monster Podcast: What comes next?

The trade deadline has come and gone. What’s left for this season?

Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies
Tanner Houck
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Welcome back for another edition of the Over the Monster Podcast. Just like every Wednesday, it is myself and Jake Devereaux here to talk to you in your earballs about Red Sox baseball.

Today’s show comes after the dust has settled from the trade deadline, but before we get into that we talk about the injury to Darwinzon Hernandez, trying to answer questions such as, “What even is the SC Joint?” and “Does this end the speculation of him potentially being a starter just for this year or for good?” We also take a look at the three players called up after the deadline (Yairo Muñoz, Robinson Leyer, and Mike Kickham) and figure out if any of them are particularly interesting.

After that, we take a brief look at the two Padres prospects the Red Sox got back in the Mitch Moreland deal before getting into the meat of the pod, which looks at what comes after the deadline. It became clear very early in this season that the Red Sox were not going to be competitors and thus would be sellers at the deadline, which became our focus for the last few weeks. Now that this has passed, what is there to look forward to? Jake and I go back and forth and give out a few reasons each to continue watching this team in September. (Jake cheated and said like 12 things for his first pick, but I, a gracious host, let it slide.)

We then answered a couple of listener questions before signing off for the night. We hope you enjoyed the show and if you did, please do us a favor and rate, review and tell your friends. It really helps! Until next time!