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Red Sox vs. Yankees lineup: The one with Kevin Plawecki at DH

And the Yankees have Clint Frazier hitting ninth, so...

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Red Sox face the suddenly streaking Yankees tonight at Fenway Park at 7:30, because who cares about sleep?

A week ago it looked like the Yankees were on death’s door, which, yasss. Then they hit 280 homers against the Blue Jays and revived themselves, and now they bring that terrifying machine to Boston to bury the Sox anew. It’s amazing what trying to win can do!

To that end, Kevin Plawecki, who we respect as a player and to be fair has been very good in a small sample, is the DH tonight. Which, still... ugh. We’d rather see Yairo Muñoz, who’s battling back spasms or Bobby Dalbec, who’s battling strikeouts or Mookie B— sorry, got carried away here. Anyhow Kevin Plawecki is the DH tonight.

Jordan Montgomery starts for the Yankees, and he’s a lefty so... he’s a lefty. Quick note: I saw a Yankees fan friend today and he was pretty convinced they’re gonna roll through the playoffs and he’s a contrarian so this worries me bc it sounds plausible. It’ll be clearer once 16 teams qualify but it’s still pretty clear now: “get in and win” is the name of the game. That the Sox have gone the opposite direction is a topic I’ve talked about way too much so no more now.

Except it’s bad.

Here are the lineups, which include Aaron Judge, unfortunately for Martín Pérez:

Game 52 vs. Yankees

Lineup spot Yankees Red Sox
Lineup spot Yankees Red Sox
1 DJ LaMahieu, 2B Alex Verdugo, RF
2 Aaron Judge, RF Rafael Devers, 3B
3 Giancarlo Stanton, DH Xander Bogaerts, SS
4 Luke Voit, 1B JD Martinez, LF
5 Gleyber Torres, SS Christian Vázquez, C
6 Aaron Hicks, CF Kevin Plawecki, DH
7 Gio Urshela, 3B Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
8 Gary Sánchez, C Michael Chavis, 1B
9 Clint Frazier, LF Christian Arroyo, 2B
SP Jordan Montgomery, LHP Martín Pérez, LHP