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The Over the Monster Podcast: All about Tanner Houck’s debut

We look a little bit at some other stuff, but the main focus for this one is Tanner Houck’s major-league debut.

Boston Red Sox v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of the Over the Monster Podcast. Once again it is Jake and I in your earballs, and this week we spend most of the time talking about Tanner Houck and his very impressive major-league debut. But, before we get there we talk a little bit about some recent news, including whether or not they should bother bringing Darwinzon Hernandez back, Jake realizing who Andrew Triggs is, and Jonathan Lucroy’s decision to ask for his release and join the Phillies.

From there, we get into Houck, which takes up the bulk of our time. Jake and I get into everything you need to know about Houck’s debut, including the effectiveness of all three of his pitches as well as his composure on the mound. We also talk about Corey Dickerson’s bizarre decision to try and take second base and that’s effect on Houck’s night. From there, we move on to the future and have a little bit of a disagreement about what the future holds for the former first round pick.

We finish things off with some discussions about this year’s playoff schedule, which includes no off-days in the middle of series until the World Series, and the possibility of expanded playoffs moving forward, which we both hate. After that, we answer a couple of listener questions before finishing things out.

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