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The Red Seat Podcast: A peek towards 2021

In this episode the guys discuss Bobby Dalbec and Tanner Houck’s future with the team.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Bobby Dalbec is going bananas with the bat. Tanner Houck is coming up to pitch today. My guy Yairo Muñoz continues to rake, yet doesn’t have a single walk on the year. These are a brand new version of your Red Sox. Still a bad team, but with the infusion of youth, significantly more likable.

Keaton and I discuss the future and present of Bobby Dalbec and Tanner Houck with this Red Sox club including:

  • Can Dalbec be a viable everyday player with that strikeout rate?
  • Can he improve enough to become a middle of the order force?
  • Tanner Houck makes his debut today, can he show enough with his splitter to alleviate concerns that he can’t get lefties out?
  • Is Houck a viable starting option for next season?

In addition to these questions we look at which starting pitchers available via free agency are most attractive to the Red Sox. We also look at which ones are most likely.

We discuss some various roster moves and finally we end the show with some listener questions.

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