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FanPost Friday: Who do you want to see?

Among players we haven’t seen yet?

Boston Red Sox Summer Camp Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We are back for another edition of FanPost Friday, where you get to share your thoughts in a more long-form format on a different topic every week. Once again I am filling in for Jake and will try to do my best to replicate what he does.

For this week’s question, we are looking at what we want to see through the rest of the season. With the Red Sox clearly out of the postseason race, we have to find something else to watch for down the stretch rather than a postseason fight. Other than the race to the bottom for a top draft pick, the only thing to really watch for is how some young players and guys who should play roles in 2021 will perform.

That gets us to the crux of the question for you all this week. We’re all excited about what Bobby Dalbec is doing, and the stars are always fun, but we want to focus on who we haven’t seen yet. That’s the question: What players down in Pawtucket at the Alternate Site who have not yet gotten a chance do you want to see get a shot in the majors before the end of the year?

Got it? Got it. Happy FanPosting.