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The Untitled Over The Monster Podcast: Talking bullpen and prospects

What comes next?

Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Welcome back for another episode of our second weekly podcast here at Over the Monster, and one that does not have a name. Will we ever have a name? Will I continue to just punt the responsibility of coming up with a name until we all just decide “Untitled Over The Monster Podcast” is good? Only time will tell!

Regardless of name, myself and Jake get back on the horn to talk more about this Red Sox team that, well, just hasn’t been very good. We spent the bulk of the first portion of the show talking about the bullpen, and specifically framing things around the returns of Josh Taylor and Darwinzon Hernandez, who are both making their way back. We discuss what kind of role we expect them to play right away, the idea of putting Hernandez in the rotation, and who would be most affected by their return. We also broaden the scope of the bullpen discussion a bit and talk a little about some relievers who have and have not impressed us thus far.

After that, we shift our focus to the ominous-sounding Alternate Site, and specifically some of the top prospects there. We talk about how long until Bobby Dalbec starts knocking on the door, and then look at three pitchers — Tanner Houck, Bryan Mata and Kyle Hart — and try to figure out when we will and when we should see them.

After that, we finish up with an array of listener questions. As always, if you like what you heard you can subscribe at all of the various podcast platforms — and with one click you get this show, the Red Seat with Jake and Keaton, and the Pre-cap show with Keaton and Shelly — and also rate and review. That helps us, I’ve been told. You can also follow Jake on Twitter @DevJake. Until next time.