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The Over The Monster Podcast: Finding Trade Partners

We know who could be traded, but where could they be sent?

Red Sox Summer Camp Staff Photo By Matt Stone/ MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Welcome back to another episode of the Over the Monster Podcast, which is what we’re calling it now. That’s right! We’ve finally come up with a name, and it’s just removing the word “untitled.” Wildly creative, I know.

Whatever the name may be, it is the same podcast as it always is with myself and Jake Devereaux talking about the latest with the Red Sox. In this case, that obviously means trade deadline stuff. We start things off talking a little bit about the Brandon Workman/Heath Hembree for Nick Pivetta/Connor Seabold trade, but don’t spend too much time on that. Jake, Keaton and Ian Cundall of discussed that more in depth on Monday, and you can listen to that here if you are interested in that one.

Instead, we spent the bulk of the show looking at teams with whom the Red Sox could make trades. At this point, it’s fairly clear what players are and are not on the table in trade talks (nearly everyone is, it seems), so there’s no point in talking about those players. Jake and I each look at three teams with whom there could be a potential match for a deal to get done. Jake discusses the Indians, Padres and Dodgers while I look at the Blue Jays, Twins and Rays.

After that, we finish things off with a mailbag that includes a Wizard of Oz themed question, Brock Holt, Don Orsillo, and a potential blockbuster.

We hope you enjoyed the show, and if you did please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, rate and review, and tell all your friends about us. Until next time, enjoy the show!