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The Untitled OTM Podcast: Who to deal?

In this edition of the podcast we focus on the upcoming trade deadline and who should be dealt.

Red Sox Summer Camp Staff Photo By Matt Stone/ MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Welcome back to the Untitled Over The Monster Podcast, for which I think we’ve basically given up on coming up with a name. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll surprise you one of these weeks! Probably not though. Anyway, it’s been a full week since Jake and myself last recorded, and the Red Sox have exactly zero (0) wins in that time despite playing every single day. It’s not what you want.

Fortunately for you, we don’t spend too long talking about the futility on the field. There is a little bit of that at the start, but then we go on to a little bit of news. We talk about a couple of minor injuries to Christian Vázquez and Jackie Bradley Jr. as well as the latest on Andrew Benintendi. We talk about Triston Casas being called up to the Alternate Site and what that could mean, as well as the news that Fenway will not be able to host fans this year. That is not surprising to either of us, and we’re not sure who would want to go even if they were allowed, both for pandemic reasons and this team is bad reasons.

After that, we spend the bulk of the time looking at the players on this roster and wondering who could be on the table for trade talks this summer as well as some prospects who could benefit from trades. We then finish with a few questions before getting out of there.

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