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The Untitled Over the Monster Podcast: Talkin’ Brian Johnson and Kyle Hart

Get hyped

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We are back for another episode of the show without a name featuring myself and Jake Devereaux. The good news is it was recorded before Tuesday’s game, so we weren’t too miserable. The bad news is there still wasn’t a whole lot of good things to discuss. We start off by talking about the league’s plans to potentially play the postseason in a bubble, which we both agreed was a good idea.

From there, we turned our attention to Brian Johnson. We covered his release from a few different angles, starting with the simple question of were both sides right in this case, and were the Red Sox right in not giving him a chance before he asked for his release? Then we broadened the scope and talked about the team’s inability to identify and develop top starting pitching before looking back at some of the good moments from Johnson’s long tenure in the organization.

After that, we talked some about Kyle Hart, who has a profile that could turn him into a new Brian Johnson. At the time of recording all signs pointed towards Hart getting the start on Thursday — and after recording it was officially announced — so we talked about that decision, expectations for the lefty and how long we think he’ll be up.

Finally, we looked at the second base situation, and specifically how long they can keep going with José Peraza every day, whether Michael Chavis should be playing there more, and when we could see CJ Chatham. That brought us to a few listener questions before signing off.

We hope you enjoy the show, and if you did you tell your friends, subscribe, rate, review, and all that other stuff that they say helps podcasts.