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Red Sox schedule for 2020 released

For now, without dates or times.

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New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox At Fenway Park Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

This season is not going to be like any that has ever happened, if this one even happens at all. While MLB released their schedule tonight, I would be remiss not to mention on the top how weird it felt for this to happen. This isn’t even because they did an entire release schedule show without showing any dates, either. (But for real, what the heck was that?) Today was filled with news of incompetence from the league with respect to COVID testing and players, such as Mookie Betts and Kris Bryant, casting doubt on whether this is going to work. It’s weird to go from that right into talking about the schedule for the season.

But, that’s what 2020 entails whether we like it or not. So, we talk tonight about the schedule. Well, sort of. We’ll have more analysis on the actual schedule tomorrow after I have some time to digest it a little more, but today we at least have the order of the games. In case you forgot, this is a 60-game schedule with ten games against each of the AL East opponents and either three or four games against the NL East opponents. It is also worth noting that the split between home and road games between two opponents are not even. Most notably for the Red Sox, they play seven of their ten games against the Yankees in the Bronx.

As I said, we’ll have more in the way of analysis on this tomorrow, but here is the full slate. Note that as of first publish dates and times for games beyond Opening Day are unknown. I’ll update this once those come through.

2020 Schedule

Date Opponent Time (ET)
Date Opponent Time (ET)
7/24 vs. BAL 7:30 PM
7/25 vs. BAL 1:35 PM
7/26 vs. BAL 1:35 PM
7/27 vs. NYM 7:30 PM
7/28 vs. NYM 7:30 PM
7/29 at NYM 7:10 PM
7/30 at NYM 7:15 PM
7/31 at NYY 7:05 PM
8/1 at NYY 7:15 PM
8/2 at NYY 7:08 PM
8/4 at TB 6:40 PM
8/5 at TB 6:40 PM
8/7 vs. TOR 7:30 PM
8/8 vs. TOR 7:30 PM
8/9 vs. TOR 1:35 PM
8/10 vs. TB 7:30 PM
8/11 vs. TB 7:30 PM
8/12 vs. TB 7:30 PM
8/13 vs. TB 4:30 PM
8/14 at NYY 7:05 PM
8/15 at NYY 7:15 PM
8/16 at NYY 7:08 PM
8/17 at NYY 7:05 PM
8/18 vs. PHI 7:30 PM
8/19 vs. PHI 7:30 PM
8/20 at BAL 7:05 PM
8/21 at BAL 7:05 PM
8/22 at BAL 7:05 PM
8/23 at BAL 1:05 PM
8/25 at TOR 6:37 PM
8/26 at TOR 6:37 PM
8/27 at TOR 6:37 PM
8/28 vs. WAS 7:30 PM
8/29 vs. WAS 7:30 PM
8/30 vs. WAS 1:35 PM
8/31 vs. ATL 7:30 PM
9/1 vs. ATL 7:30 PM
9/2 vs. ATL 7:30 PM
9/3 vs. TOR 7:30 PM
9/4 vs. TOR 7:30 PM
9/5 vs. TOR 7:30 PM
9/6 vs. TOR 1:35 PM
9/8 at PHI 7:05 PM
9/9 at PHI 4:05 PM
9/10 at TB 6:40 PM
9/11 at TB 6:40 PM
9/12 at TB 6:40 PM
9/13 at TB 1:10 PM
9/14 at MIA 6:40 PM
9/15 at MIA 6:40 PM
9/16 at MIA 6:40 PM
9/18 vs. NYY 7:30 PM
9/19 vs. NYY 7:30 PM
9/20 vs. NYY 1:35 PM
9/22 vs. BAL 7:30 PM
9/23 vs. BAL 7:30 PM
9/24 vs. BAL 7:30 PM
9/25 at ATL 7:10 PM
9/26 at ATL 7:10 PM
9/27 at ATL 3:10 PM