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Red Sox at Mets lineup: Winning is Arauzing

Wait til you see tonight’s lineup!

MLB: Boston Red Sox-Workouts
At least the mask looks good.
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The Red Sox won. They won! Now they will try for their first win streak of the year behind Martín Pérez, who had, shall we say, an inauspicious Sox debut against the Orioles, giving up five runs (four earned) over five innings. Quick tangent: I don’t much care whether runs were earned or not, and I prefer measurements that don’t try to make that judgment. They all say he was bad though, so that part isn’t at issue. Perhaps he will be better tonight against the Mets, wrapping up the four-game home-and-home at 7:10 PM ET in Flushing.

Steven Matz will start for New York, which will always be funny to me. Can’t want for, like, Grant Red Sackz to get drafted by Boston. (Jeff Feagles nods.) Matz is pretty good, but the Sox beat the best pitcher in baseball last night so anything is possible. (Kevin Garnett nods). Enough arcana. To the lineups!

Matz being of southpaw persuasion, Ron Ronoecke’s Super Lineup Machine has slotted José Peraza atop the order, which is SOP, but he’s playing third, which is... not. Rafael Devers gets the night off. Jonathan Araúz starts at second base and bats ninth, which is honestly all you need to know about this season. That and to wear a mask. If for some crazy reason you need the full lineups in the lineups post, here they are:

Game 7 at Mets

Lineup spot Red Sox Mets
Lineup spot Red Sox Mets
1 José Peraza, 3B Amed Rosario, SS
2 Kevin Pillar, CF Pete Alonso, 1B
3 J.D. Martinez, DH Jeff McNeil, 3B
4 Xander Bogaerts, SS JD Davis, LF
5 Christian Vázquez, C Michael Conforto, RF
6 Alex Verdugo, RF Yoenis Céspedes, DH
7 Michael Chavis, 1B Brian Dozier, 2B
8 Andrew Benintendi, LF Wilson Ramos, C
9 Jonathan Araúz, 2B Brandon Nimmo, CF
SP Martín Pérez, LHP Steven Matz, LHP