Should the Red Sox be Edwin Jackson's 15th team? I say yes!

Edwin Jackson an experienced veteran with some solid years under his belt and he surely always comes with competitive fire,respectable skills and a strong desire to battle on the diamond. He could really be worth a Fenway evaluation workout. Let's see if the stuff is still there and hey even if some of the stuff is still there.... this is a year in which a Sox rotation could use even just a touch of reliable starting experience. Please tell me someone has some experience starting games!?

The desire is there for Edwin since he has clearly expressed interest in pitching once again in 2020. With his competitive grit and hisdesire to play ball...We just might have an answer to start some ball games for the Sox! In the Spring he was released by Arizona but the man can still pitch and he has skills that might just fit into the picture for this Summer. Let's call him in for a Fenway pitching workout session and maybe we get him starting some games by August 10 even. He is in shape and ready to hurl. It could be interesting and it might just dish out way better results than one would first guess.