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The Over The Monster Podcast: Talking Marlins COVID Outbreak and Red Sox pitching

We discuss what’s going on around the league before looking at Boston’s rough start.

Miami Marlins Summer Workouts Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Welcome back for another episode of a podcast that we are calling about five different things. For now, for the purposes of this write-up, though, we’ll call it the Over the Monster Podcast. The name is less important than the content, am I right? Anyway, myself and Jake are back as we will be every Wednesday morning to talk about what is going on with the Red Sox in this shortened season. As you can imagine for this episode, it wasn’t overly joyous topics!

Before we even got to the Red Sox side of things, though, we spent a good chunk of time discussing everything going on with the Marlins and their COVID outbreak, the change in schedules around the league and just what happens next. Obviously we don’t have any firm answers — if the league doesn’t, we can’t be expected to — but we do get into our thoughts on how this moves forward or if it even can.

After that, we do get into the Red Sox, starting with the starting pitching’s performance after Nathan Eovaldi. This was also recorded before last night’s game, so it could have potentially been even more depressing! We then dive into some of the early impressions from Ron Roenicke before touching on a few of the struggling position players and try to figure out how worried we can really be about any of them in such a small sample. At the end of the day, there was really only one about whom there was legitimate concern. We then finished up with some bizarre listener questions and that was that.

I hope you enjoy what you hear from this one and all of the other podcasts on the OTM network. We now have two weekly shows that come out Mondays and Wednesdays as well as a short show a couple of times a week following each series. If you do like what you hear, be sure to rate, review, subscribe and tell all your friends.