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The Red Seat Podcast: Summer Camp Updates

In this episode of the show Jake and Matt discuss all the latest happenings at Fenway Park.

Boston Red Sox Summer Workouts Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome back to The Red Seat podcast. We hope you enjoyed your weekend. What better way to start off the work week than with a little update about the Red Sox summer camp?

On this episode Matt and I spend a substantial amount of the show breaking down the state of the rotation. We discuss Nathan Eovaldi’s importance to the team, his growth as a player, his health concerns from prior years, and why his performing well is so important to the Red Sox success. We also discuss Ryan Weber winning a rotation spot and what to expect from him on the field. Martin Perez is also a member of this rotation that hasn’t looked very good so far, what can fans expect to see from him and what does a best case scenario look like for him? Finally we discuss the many options the Red Sox have for the back end of their rotation like Chris Mazza, Matt Hall, Jeffrey Springs, Brian Johnson, and more.

It addition to the rotation we also touch on the lineup including which version of Jackie Bradley Jr. can we expect to see this year? Will Michael Chavis continue to struggle against the fastball? Will this be the last year we see Tzu-Wei Lin? Bobby Dalbec is back, what can we expect from him this season? Is there a chance that Dalbec ends up with substantial playing time? Who ends up getting added to the 40-man roster? Who gets DFA’d or waived?

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