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The Red Seat Podcast: Predicting the Red Sox 30-Man Roster

On today’s episode of the show Keaton and I discuss who will be on the Red Sox 30-man roster and Coco Crisp!

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Good Morning,

Welcome back to another edition of The Red Seat Podcast! This episode has a mixture of bad news, the minor league season being cancelled, and good news, baseball starts today!

Keaton and I spend a substantial amount of time discussing what the cancelled minor league season means for some of the players in the Red Sox system. Will the top prospects get added to the 60-man player pool in order to continue to develop? What happens to the players in the low minors, what do they do all year? How will this impact player development? Will it hinder players? Will it expedite those that are already close to the big leagues? How will pitchers be affected by the lack of innings?

We then spend some time talking about the structure of the 60-man player pool. The Red Sox are currently at 47, but they can add to that group. We discuss how players get added and subtracted from that group and how players on the 40-man roster are treated differently.

Finally, we take our shot at putting together our versions of the 30-man active roster we should see when the season opens up the weekend of July 24th.

It addition to all of this we spend a good amount of time answering listener questions with one great question asking us about underrated and underappreciated Red Sox players. That’s how Coco Crisp and a whole host of other players come up in our conversation.

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