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FanPost Friday - Your dream 2020 draft pick

Finally, something about the future, rather than the past.

High School All-Star Game Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

It’s been a long, long offseason, and to make matters even worse there’s the possibility of no baseball in 2020. There’s also a possibility of a forced 50 game season that the players don’t want. There’s also a possibility of a strike looming beyond 2020. There are a lot of things that are not ideal in baseball at this point in time, to say the least.

And yet the show must go on. The MLB Draft is almost upon us. On June 10th (and 11th). If my math is not incorrect, 160 players will be drafted on those two days. Four of them will be drafted by the Red Sox. The Red Sox selections will come at numbers 17, 89, 118, and 148. Following the draft, there’s a chance to pick up some players who were not drafted, but it’s a pretty safe assumption that any big names will have to be taken with one of those four picks.

This week’s prompt:

What player(s) do you think the Red Sox should draft?

You can stick to just the first round, or you can project out, and try to guess what will be available in later rounds.

Happy FanPosting!