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Red Sox keep three on Baseball America’s updated top 100

It’s not the order most would expect.

Kelly O’Connor;

Getting somewhat lost in the jubilation around the return of baseball is the fact that minor-league baseball remains on pause and is pretty much certainly not going to happen this summer. It seems the best-case scenario will be a souped up Arizona Fall League (though maybe not in Arizona). This week was supposed to be the All-Star festivities for High-A and A-Ball, meaning we were just about at the halfway point of the minor-league season, which in turn means we’d be getting some midseason prospect list action coming pretty soon.

Well, we’re not getting the baseball but we are getting a prospect list update. With the draft behind us and the dust settling from that, Baseball America has updated their top 100 list. The Red Sox had two on their original list and then added another when they traded for Jeter Downs in the Mookie Betts trade. Not too surprisingly none of the Red Sox draft picks made the cut for the new list, but in more positive news none of the other three were knocked off, either.

The three names probably aren’t super surprising that made the list. Well, at least two aren’t. Downs and Triston Casas are at least in consideration for pretty much everyone’s top 100 list it seems. The third, though, is Bobby Dalbec, who Baseball America has been high on.

What’s most surprising to me is the order here. Casas is number one among Red Sox prospects, which is fair. I’d have him at number one as well. He comes in at number 77 between Cleveland’s Tyler Freeman and Tampa’s Shane Baz. Dalbec actually comes in as the middle man here, ranking number 85 between recent Reds draftee Austin Hendrick and another Reds prospect in Hunter Greene. Downs is number three in the organization according to these rankings, coming in at number 95 between Xavier Edwards of the Rays and Alek Thomas of the Diamondbacks.