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The Red Seat Podcast: Baseball is back

A plan for a return to the field has been made and agreed upon.

Juneteenth Flag At Fenway Park Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to another edition of The Red Seat Podcast! We delayed our podcast a few days as we started to get the sense that MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, was going to implement a 60 game season. Details are still in the process of coming out, but we have you covered on the majority of the return to play plans.

In this episode we discuss the following talking points:

  • How many games will they play and over what period of time?
  • What will the roster sizes be?
  • How will the taxi squad work?
  • Where will spring training be held?
  • When will the first games be?
  • Will the rosters change in size over time?
  • Will there be a COVID-19 IL?
  • How will playoffs work?
  • What happens to the CBT?

In addition to these points we will discuss what the players gave up and what they gained by not accepted MLB’s final return to play offer. We also discuss the counter proposal that the players sent back to MLB and what each proposal would have cost the owners.

Finally, we discuss whether or not playing baseball in this climate is a good idea. There are still so many unknowns with this virus and the question of health cannot be ignored.

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