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The Red Seat Podcast: Reviewing the Red Sox Draft Class

Jake, Matt, and Keaton team up to breakdown the Red Sox draft haul.

Nick Yorke LiPo Ching/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

Good Morning,

Welcome back to another addition of The Red Seat Podcast. On this special episode of the show we have the entire crew together to discuss the draft. The Red Sox were down a pick and employed a strategy that shocked many fans and draft evaluators alike. We discuss the following:

  • Did we agree with this strategy?
  • If yes, was it executed well?
  • If not, why not and what would we have preferred they do instead?
  • What was each of our favorite pick of the draft?
  • What was each of our least favorite pick of the draft?
  • All three of us end by giving out our own draft grades.

In addition to all of this we spend a significant amount of time discussing our thoughts on all four of the players drafted by the Red Sox. We look into each players scouting reports to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and to discuss the ceiling and floor of each player. We also briefly review some of the UFA’s signed with the Red Sox for $20,000.

At the top of the show, before we dive into the draft, we get our heads together to discuss the recent comments from Rob Manfred concerning this year’s baseball season. Yep, we are still discussing these painful negotiations between the owners and the players. 2020 has been a real gem.

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