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The Red Seat Podcast: Red Sox Draft History

It turns out the Red Sox are historically pretty amazing at drafting.

Boston Red Sox Roger Clemens... Photo by Bill Brett/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of The Red Seat Podcast here at Over The Monster. On this episode we dive into the greatest draft picks in Red Sox history starting at the beginning of the draft in 1965 all the way to today. We spent this week focusing only on history of the draft rather than discussing possible picks for this Red Sox team.

The MLB Pipeline podcast this past week had some amazing draft facts about just how prolific the Red Sox have been at finding talent. We share their remarkable findings with you and look specifically at some the greatest draft classes in team history.

In the second half of the show we complied two lists of players which were discussed on the podcast. My list was a top ten of most valuable Red Sox draft picks that signed with the team. I didn’t care about whether or not they played out their careers with the Red Sox, only how valuable they were over their careers. Keaton’s list excluded the guys that spent the majority of their careers with another team. I also included a top ten most valuable draft picks based on guys who vastly outperformed their draft position.

Lastly, we answered a bunch of your listener questions before ending the show.

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