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FanPost Friday: Underappreciated Red Sox

Over the past week, we’ve shared our underrated Red Sox champions. Now’s your turn.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

If you’ve been tuning in to Over The Monster this week, you’ll notice that we’ve been sharing our favorite underappreciated champions. Of course, we’re only a small subset of Red Sox fans. That’s why we turn the attention to you, as a community.

You’ve heard our pitches, now, we want to hear yours.

Who is/was your favorite underappreciated/underrated Red Sox player?

They don’t have to have been on a championship roster. They could have played here for one season. They could have been here half of one. What we want to know is who you believe is an underrated or underappreciated player to have played for the Red Sox, and why you believe they are overlooked.

I do not have the authority to grant bonus points, but bonus points will be granted if you name a player we have not mentioned this past week! Bonus points cannot be redeemed for cash value. They are just for bragging rights.