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The Red Seat Podcast: Underrated Champions

A draft of underrated players to win championships.

Boston Red Sox Vs. St. Louis Cardinals At Busch Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We are back with another edition of the Red Seat Podcast. Jake is off this week so it’s myself and Keaton behind the mic for today’s episode. We start things off, as one would expect, by discussing the plans MLB hopes to implement in order to get baseball back into our lives. We talk a little bit about the financial side of things and the desire of the league for the players to take a further paycut, and specifically whether or not we think the players will give in to that idea. We then transition into some of the safety protocols that came out in a 67-page report over the weekend. We talk about how wild some of them are, whether or not they make sense and whether or not they’re feasible. Then, finally, with all of the information we have at this moment we each give our feelings on the odds of a 2020 season.

After that, we move on to the theme of the week, which is underrated players. That’s going to be a theme all week all across the SB Nation platform, and here at OTM we’ll be spending the week going through some of the most underrated players on the four championship teams this century. We stayed in that realm for this episode, holding a quick draft between the two of us with each of us selecting three underrated champions.

Finally, we finished things off by answering some truly bizarre listener questions. If you liked the show, tell your friends and rate, review and subscribe. You know the spiel.