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Relive the 2004 run once again with a little help from our newest shirt

The latest in BreakingT’s classics collection.

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As we’ve continued to go through this period with no sports, one of the side effects for our little corner of the world has been getting back in touch with some of the classic moments in the past for our favorite teams. For Red Sox fans, that has meant a lot of fairly recent memories with stations like NESN showing World Series runs and other classic performances from guys like Pedro Martínez and David Ortiz and Roger Clemens. We’d all rather have live sports happening right now, of course, but it is nice to get a rare chance to really look back and appreciate some wonderful moments our favorite teams have provided us in the past.

For us in particular, a major focus as part of these lookbacks has, of course, been the 2004 run. NESN played every win from that postseason last month, and stations like ESPN and MLB Network have showed some of those games as well, including Game Four of the ALCS, which is where BreakingT comes in. Our friends over at BreakingT have been making a series of classics shirts highlighting some moments in sports past, and Dave Roberts got the latest feature. Our latest tee memorializes one of the more iconic moments in franchise history with the steal.

As always, these shirts are super comfortable and perfect for whatever the occasion. I wouldn’t lie to you, would I? You can grab one of your own by following this link, as well as see all of the Boston sports collection here, and check out all of BreakingT’s classics here.