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The Red Seat Podcast: Talking MLB Draft with Ian Cundall of Sox Prospects

In this episode Ian joins me to discuss the Red Sox draft penalty, how they will be affected by the shallow draft, and the state of the system.

2020 Boston Baseball Writers Dinner Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Good Morning,

On Today’s episode of the show I am joined by Ian Cundall the director of scouting at We spend the first half of the show deep diving into the following topics:

  • Thoughts on the shortened draft including:
  • Is this a short-sighted move for teams?
  • What does this do for baseball long term?
  • With the Red Sox losing a second round pick in a five round draft is the penalty too harsh?
  • How much money does the team actually have to spend now?
  • What are the chances of the team landing good players for $20,000?

We also change gears and discuss Ian’s state of the system series he has been putting out at SoxProspects. We cover:

  • High Minors Pitching
  • Mid Minors Pitching
  • Low Minors Pitching
  • Catchers
  • Corner Infielders
  • Middle Infielders
  • Outfielders

This one is a long one, but if you are into the Red Sox minor league system or the upcoming draft it is a must listen. I’d also urge you to follow Ian on Twitter at @IanCundall and follow myself at @DevJake.

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