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The best and worst jerseys in team history

Plus a bonus look at some logos.

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Workout Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

As the resident expert in substance and style here at Over The Monster (Editor’s Note: This is not an official title and I do not endorse it), I was the obvious choice to take on the task of examining the Red Sox jerseys and logos through the years as a part of Jersey Week here at SB Nation. Like most teams, the Red Sox have had their fair share of duds and bangers, so with that in mind I decided to walk through some of the best and worst in the history of the franchise. Jersey images are courtesy of Hall of Fame’s archive and logos are from Sports Logos.

Worst of the Worst

3. 1973 Home and Road

Maybe I’m a uniform “purist” but these just don’t look right without buttons. It’s the textbook little league design for small towns with local businesses as sponsors and not of a team playing professional baseball. Just looking at these pullovers annoys me. I know the Red Sox were not the only ones wearing these types of uniforms and maybe we can chalk this up to the fact that there were a lot of terrible decisions made in the ‘70s, but these can be forgotten.

2. 1902 Home and Road

The second worst uniforms the Red Sox ever wore are the second jerseys they ever wore as the Boston Americans. Maybe it’s because the Red Sox changed their name, and the old English script didn’t stick, but over a hundred years later it’s weird seeing something synonymous with the Detroit Tigers on another team’s jersey. It’s also weird to me they didn’t stick with just the ‘B’ and took the field wearing jerseys that read ‘B A’.

1916 Home

Hands down the worst jersey the Red Sox have ever worn are their 1916 Homes. Plain white and before the time of numbers on the back to boot. I’d say these are as vanilla as vanilla can get but that would be offensive to vanilla. These jerseys conjure up immediate thoughts of waiting in line at the post office, or of a man about to burst into a musical number about sweeping chimneys. There really isn’t much more to say, these just suck. I know baseball jerseys are the least pizzaz-y of all four major sports, and especially back in the early 1900s but, I mean, some effort is appreciated.

Best They Ever Wore

3. 2009 Road

Starting in 1934, seemingly once a decade the Red Sox have alternated between a gray jersey with a red BOSTON on the chest and a gray jersey with a navy BOSTON on the chest so there were actually several years to choose from for this look but I went with the most recent change to navy blue in 2009. I chose the navy blue over the red option because the navy settles into the gray better for a cleaner look on the uniform. It’s simple and minimalist, which is a departure from other modern uniform tweaks like we saw from Miami and Arizona. Of course, this didn’t last very long and in 2014 the Red Sox flipped back to the red BOSTON again but looking at their history of uniform changes it won’t be long before gray and navies are back again.

1908 Home and Road

For some reason, I just can’t get over how awesome it is that for one year the Red Sox wore a jersey with a literal sock on it, and I’m very disappointed it was for only one year. The fashion statement of wearing a piece of clothing with a picture of another piece of clothing on it is just outstanding and I think we need more of it. Bring these babies back for old-timers day or something at the very least, but I need to see these on the diamond again.

1. 1933 Home

1933 was the first year the Red Sox went with this particular look which has stood the test of time as the home uniform still to this day. The piece that makes the jersey pop is the red piping around the neck and down the buttons. It really makes the jersey pop in a clean way and has become the main look synonymous with the Red Sox. When you first think of the Sox, it’s someone wearing this home white, and that’s what makes this one iconic.

Best Red Sox Logos

1908 Sock

The first logo the Red Sox used after changing their name to the Red Sox, as I outlined above, is just outstanding. A simple silhouette of a sock with the bold BOSTON is simple and at the same time wildly creative for the time and by far the best part of the logo is that it was plopped on a jersey slinging across the player’s chest like a sash. We need more absurd and random logo’s on teams chests.

2. 2009 Double Socks

Three times in the Red Sox history, they have used a plain sock or socks as the primary logo, and most recently it was in 2009 removing the circle logo with the ball and socks in the middle for just a pair of red socks. A modern upgrade on the logo used from 1924-1961 the pair of socks is bold and clean and gets the point across you’re looking at THE Boston Red Sox without the need for extra design. With logos, simple and easy is the best route and this design hits that mark.

1950’s Alternate Batting Sock Logo

Unquestionably the greatest logo the Red Sox has ever sewn onto their uniform, this smiling tube sock ready to mash dingers needs to be brought back into circulation right now. There are so many pieces of this logo that are great, but perhaps none more so than it definitely looking more like a condom than an article of clothing used for a baseball uniform. The tiny little hat sitting on his forehead(?) and the stripe at the top looking like a sweatband that means this little guy is taking his at-bats seriously, are also gems. I just cannot look at this logo and not smile. It’s such an absurd design that it’s actually an amazing choice for a logo and needs to be prominently featured in the rotation again. There’s simply nothing I dislike about this logo. It’s perfect.